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120mm F5.6 Nikkor-AM * ED (Shutter)


Large format




In very good condition.

The 120 mm f5.6 Nikkor AM-ED is an excellent lens, optimized for closeups. "AM" stands for Apo-Macro and "ED" for Extra-low Disperson glass. The coverage is 55 degrees at f22, which is 250 mm diameter at 1:1, i.e., when the image is lifesize. When focusing on a distant object, the image quality might be less since the lens is symmetrical and intended for closeups.

When used at 1:1 the lens will be 240 mm from the film, while when focused at infinity the lens will be 120 mm from the film. Because of this the projected image circle at 1:1 is twice the diameter of the image circle for an object at infinity. This means that the image circle for a distant object will be only 125 mm, which doesn't cover a 4x5 inch negative. You might judge the image circle to be slightly different because defining the edge of the quality image is subjective, but the lens is very unlikely to reach the corners of a 4x5 negative when focused on a distant object.


Nikon 120mm F5.6 Nikkor-AM * ED (Shutter)

Large format / Lenses

Seller: Kameratori Oy, Tampere

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