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5cm F3.5 Nikkor Nippon-Kogaku LTM


Leica M39



Adaptable to

Canon M, Fuji X, Leica M, M4/3, Nikon 1, Pentax Q, Samsung NX, Sony E, Sony FE


Rare. Coating damage.

Nippon-Kogaku Nikkor-Q 5cm f/3.5 in Elmar-type collapsible mount  #460362. Optical unit is late wartime production (early 1945), perhaps originally for Seiki Canon S, or possibly for military use.  LTM focusing mount is pre-Tokyo, pre-MIOJ,  with at least some Leica parts (DOF ring goes to f/18, diaphragm to f/16), and distance scale in metres. Coating is indicated by a red dot instead of the red C adopted subsequently (cfr.. thesequence of lenses illustrated in Kitchingham, Canon Rangefinder Lenses, p. 32-33).  Not Canon J-mount (fits and couples perfectly on Leicas), most probably a prototype for the LTM Nikkors supplied in 1946 for Nippon cameras. 


Nikon 5cm F3.5 Nikkor Nippon-Kogaku LTM

Leica M39 / Lenses

Seller: Kameratori Oy, Tampere

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