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We are shutting down

In 2019 we are shutting down Cameraventures and splitting its functions into two sites:

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Reclaimed vintage & film cameras from professional resellers. Shipping worldwide from Finland and the US.

Kameratori Premium Items 

The Premium items are the rarest and most valuable products from different camera categories. We have hand picked these items to the Premium listings, because they are in great condition for collecting or professional usage.

The Premium items are also great investments. The value of these items has risen every year for the last decade. When these items are preserved appropriate, you will have rock solid investment in your hands.

The brands we qualify to the Premium items are only the high end brands recognized through the world, for example Leica, Hasselblad, Rollei, Linhof, Carl Zeiss and Alpa. In some cases rare or unique individuals from other brands may also be accepted to the list. Most of our Premium items come from the finnish camera collectors. If you want to test these items on the spot, please contact Kameratori first.

The seller gives a 30 days satisfaction guarantee and 6 months mechanical guarantee for all Premium items. The guarantee covers all mechanical faults like the malfunction of shutter, aperture or focusing.