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Repair Raffle

Hello Analog Community!

I guess everyone has noticed the sharp price increase in the most wanted film cameras. The rising global demand doesn't just affect the likes of Hasselblad XPAN, Contax T3 or Olympus Mju II, as the bigger trend seems to be that almost all film cameras have doubled their price in five years.

For the last fifteen years it was, in many cases, almost cheaper to buy a working camera to replace your broken one, than to fix it. However, we cannot keep replacing cameras forever. We need to keep film cameras up and running for as long as possible and yes, also preferably get new ones into the market. That is why we are mapping out the best repair resources available worldwide to direct people to send their cameras to be repaired, or to donate their old cameras to be used as spare parts.

To do this, we need the community’s help to expand on the results of the #saveanalogcameras survey’s repair section. Jordan summarized our results from 7,500 people in an article here and we created the following form based on those findings.

NOTE: If you own or are employed by a repair shop, let us know about your business in this different form!

Please select the shop's name from the offered suggestions, if available.

What kind of shop is it? *

How well do you know this shop? *

Can You Tell Us Anything About the Shop? Are They Known For A Particular Specialty?


Business Size

What Kind of Equipment Do They Service?

What Is Your Outlook of the Future of the Company or Individual


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Thanks for filling in the form. If you did it before the 17th of November 2017, please participate in the #repairraffle. We created this raffle with our sponsor, so that everyone helping out with mapping the infrastructure that will keep cameras alive for the next 50 years, will have a chance to win something as a thank you. It is also an easy way to participate in spreading the word, even if you don’t have knowledge of your local repair scene.


Everyone should have the chance to repair their camera, no matter where they are. Our goal is to create a comprehensive list of trustworthy repair shops all around the world. The more information we get, the more people we can serve. Share the word, let people know!

We have a total of five prizes to give away! Each of the following prizes will be added to the giveaway once a certain amount of entries has been submitted. One prize per winner, adding up to as many as five winners. The more entries we receive, the more prizes we will give out! Have a look at which cameras are at stake and how many entries are needed to unlock them below!

Yashica A

Unlocked at 5,500 entries

A classic 6x6 TLR that is one of the most affordable ways to get into shooting 120 film. Comes with the original case and lots of street cred.

Yashica 35 GSN

Unlocked at 20,000 entries.

The camera that defined a generation and started a whole lot of photographers out. Accompanied by a cool Finlandia tagged case - as it was rescued from Finland!

Previous prizes will also be given away.

Pentacon Six + 80mm f2.8 Kit

Unlocked at 50,000 entries.

You can build small palaces using this as a hammer. Also the best way to get some of that beautiful Zeiss medium format glass into good use.

Previous prizes will also be given away.


Unlocked at 170k entries.

A very rare TLR with f2.8 glass and a beautiful rendering of pictures. You won't get many "Hey, I've got that camera at home!" shoutouts though.

Previous prizes will also be given away.

Hasselblad XPAN

Unlocked at 300k entries.

A fabulous almost New in Box Hasselblad XPAN + 45mm kit. I unboxed it here. It's a beauty waiting for a new home.

Previous prizes will also be given away.